Never Miss the Conversation

What's Tomorrowish Social TV?

Do you watch TV, movies and other Digital media? Do you like to read what people are saying about your favorite shows? Do you like to chat while watching TV? Do you like to watch those videos on your own schedule and still be part of the social media conversation? Tomorrowish Social TV records the social media conversation on Twitter and Facebook about your favorite shows as they are airing live on TV, and we play back the conversation when you are ready to view it.

So as you're watching your favorite shows, we play back the conversation synchronized to what you are watching.

What about spoilers?

Tomorrowish re-creates the experience of watching shows live along with their Twitter and Facebook conversations - so comments happen as you see the events in your show, not before they happen.

What kind of content do you have?

As a Hulu content distribution partner, Tomorrowish has tons of content available from Hulu. Just take a look at our Hulu show library here to see the hundreds of Hulu videos we have. We can also work with other media players as well - such as Youtube, Vimeo, and more. Some of the other content we have is available in the Featured Content section of our site.

But really, we can work with any kind of digital media. If you have suggestions on new kinds of media you'd like to see us work with, we'd love to hear them.

How do you decide what comments to show?

Most shows have so much conversation around them, we can't possibly display all of them to you without making your eyes sore. So we created the Tomorrowish Machine Curation (TMC) system that automatically chooses the comments we think you'd be the most interested in seeing, limiting the number of comments to one or two every few seconds. We call it Tomorowish Machine Curation.

Isn't "curation" just another way of saying "censorship?"

Yep, kind of... the same way that dropping one of six apples you’re trying to hold in one hand is censoring apples. You can only read so many comments so fast. "Curation" is how comments are prioritized in the context that they are appropriate, so that you can actually read the content that matters most. Nothing is deleted, but we don't think the demand is too big for reading all 10,000 - 100,000 comments that might happen during the show. Besides, a few weird comments about oranges might not add much to a conversation about apples.

Do you have any solutions for content providers?

Yes, we sure do! Please visit, our site for content providers, to find more about our tools and what we can do for you. Or contact our client development team: